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Sheep pregnancy testing using the latest in Ultrasound technology

Electronic identification within sheep

Collect, manage and draft data using current technology

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SheepPro started scanning in 1996 after being introduced to agriculture in 1992. At the time it was a new and underdeveloped industry that carried a lot of potential for producers who embraced this concept. SheepPro has increased procedure proficiency by traveling to New Zealand (where sheep scanning has been established for many years), and getting tuition from an experienced industry leader.


Being one of the first operators in Western Victoria allowed SheepPro to grow with the industry and make change where change was needed. To keep up with the ever changing needs of the industry SheepPro purchases the latest equipment and has involvement in field days and trials. Invested in a 3/5 way auto drafter, data collector, panel reader, stick reader and software program to help manage data, shows commitment to the industry and the need to provide the highest level of service possible.


With the introduction of EID within sheep, SheepPro saw the opportunity to complement what they were already doing. While it is still early days for EID within sheep we have been able to grow and learn in a way not to different to how we did with Sheep Pregnancy Scanning.


SheepPro primarily service the Western Districts of Victoria with the help of Simon Walsh and other sub contractors as needed.

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